About – Brand Zero India 

Brand Zero is making sustainability easy for everyone by crafting eco-friendly products with the help of local artisans across India.  

In the current market, a person seeking to live a sustainable lifestyle has to go through a range of education, research and invest a great deal of time and money to begin this journey. Brand Zero India is a sustainable brand that offers a one stop solution for everything that is eco-friendly and respectful towards the nature.

We constantly work towards creating earthy products that showcase the craftsmanship of the local artisans. The goal is to fight inequality in income and society, so our artisans make a deserving livelihood and live their lives with dignity.  

Brand Zero strives to inculcate its values of being honest, ethical and mindful into all its conducts, and envisions to eventually become an honest zero waste, sustainable brand representing Indian artisans. 

We are chasing perfection,
A dream that we might never achieve.
Crafting a world with our reflection,
As our dreaming hearts beat with belief.

One step forward, as we learn more.
A couple backwards, as a new horizon appears.
Intentions orchestrate, the sounds that we ignore,
Coming together as one, as the sky clears.

Yes we dream and we sing a quiet anthem,
Together in hope we give you a welcome.
To trigger change and gain momentum.
Rotate like earth to give light in all directions.

Our Values

Values are a set of principles and believes that we at Brand Zero India consider before making any choice or decision. These values are derived from a deep-rooted vision of becoming an ‘ideal’ brand that reflects our beliefs. 



Fair treatment of the artisans, consumers and community.



Building trust with honesty and transparency.



Making conscious choices after evaluating their benefits and consequences.

Our Story

The story for Brand Zero India began with Deepak Mann’s quest for finding a truly sustainable brand that aligned with his values and goals.  What he was searching for sounded obvious yet very complicated to build. The values he searched for included: 

  1. Earthy: In the current market, a person seeking to live a sustainable lifestyle has to go through a range of education, research and invest a great deal of time and money. Even though Deepak was happy to see many new brands turning up in this space, he couldn’t quite identify one that he could truly trust! 
  2. Handcrafted: Having grown along with 2 siblings who are heavily inclined towards creative work (and eventually became designers), he developed an immense respect towards the artist and craftsmen who curate every bit of their work with love and passion. Deepak wanted to ensure their hard work is recognized and all artisans receive more respect and value. 
  3. Equality: Deepak believes as a citizen of India, we don’t decide the fate of the country by only 1 choice of the ‘vote’ we give. But every small little conscious decision of ours can trigger a massive change. India’s richest 1 percent of the population hold 42.5 per cent of national wealth while the bottom 50 percent, the majority of the population, owns a mere 2.8 per cent. What we buy, where we buy it from can initiate a shift towards a more balanced and equal society.  

Hence, to balance all the three factors into one brand, a new company was need of the hour. Hopefully to create a truly sustainable brand and establishing itself as the first of many to come. Its project zero – Brand Zero.

Our Mentors

Harmeek Singh

Satbir Singh Saluja
Market Research Specialist

Sumit Sourav
SEO Specialist

Nidhi Kumar
Digital Marketing

Namrata Gupta
Content Strategy Specialist

Palak Sood
Collaboration Strategy Specialist

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