Zerowaste Lifestyle 101

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Zero-waste lifestyle 101 is a super-easy crash course about adapting to a low-waste lifestyle.

Hello, fellow humans! 

We know that life is full of exciting quests like Roti-Kapda-Makaan, career and love life. However, if you have a desire to make your lifestyle a little more sustainable, you’ve come to the right place.

Brand Zero’s Zero-waste lifestyle 101 course is designed in a way that you can learn, select and act upon the environmental problems and their sustainable solutions in your daily life depending on what makes sense to you. It is a self-paced course that compiles alternatives and best practices that help you reduce your carbon footprint significantly. It is a one-stop destination for us lazy, yet conscious humans, where we are all learners & beginners on the same journey. 🙂

P.S. This course majorly focuses upon daily waste and its effect on the planet. We do not deep dive into the other 2 pillars of sustainability, i.e., people and profit.

What Will I Learn?

  • Avoid hours and hours of research
  • FREE & self-paced!
  • Gain access to a zero-waste guidebook for life
  • Learn how to reduce your carbon footprints
  • Ability to Identify Day-to-Day Problematic Products
  • Quick & Easy Eco-Friendly Tips
  • Lazy Hacks for Ditching a Plastic-dependent Life

Topics for this course

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Course Road Map

1. Personal Care?

Learn about how our skincare, hair care, and dental care products affect the environment and what steps we can take to play our part!

2. Fashion?

How often should we update our closet? Does it matter where you buy from?

3. Kitchen?

Let’s talk about the waste created in our kitchens and how we could care a little more about how we dump it.

4. Home Care?

Know all about how we can use and dump the products we use for home hygiene.

5. Travel?

Wanderlust? Yeah, me too. Let’s get to know a bit about sustainable travel, shall we?

6. Electronics?

Let’s know about how our mobile phones and laptops affect our planet!

7. Medical & Health?

Our essentials are somehow creating the most hazardous effects on the planet. We have to be careful about our dumping practices. Let’s find out how!

8. Bonus Topics?

Other topics of interest

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Material Includes

  • Easy to follow Tips
  • Quick Informative Reads
  • Easy Activities
  • Bonus Concepts
  • Fun DIY Ideas


  • A willingness to learn
  • An adaptive mindset
  • Take actions that make sense to you

Target Audience

  • Anyone willing to take simple actions towards fighting climate change.
  • Includes all environmentally conscious people, whether you are actively taking steps or not, yet!