Our Impact

Measured in depth of livelihoods provided to people, and units of waste diverted from landfills and oceans for the planet. 

Brand Zero relies on the mindful choices of its supporters to help the artisans who crafted these products with so much love for the environment. We believe sustainability is all about individual choices that trigger a massive change and we are here to help you make these choices. 


Sustainability as a concept is way beyond just the environment. Apart from using natural resources, it relies on the fair treatment of human resources by being efficient and beneficial for the artisans involved. 

Fair Wages

The very first step to achieving Social Sustainability is to ensure fair wages and a predictable income for the artisans. The knowledge of knowing the next stream of income empowers these people with job security to make better investments, focus on the growth of their family and adds rewards for working harder. 


Good Working Conditions

All employees have the right to a safe and healthy workplace which includes a proper environment with space, cleanliness, lighting and ventilation and adequate sanitation. All of these contribute a great deal towards the artisans moral and their productivity.  


Quality of Life

One of the primary steps to increase standard of living is to adapt to legal and government procedures. Providing basic facilities like Aadhaar card, Pan card, bank account further ascertains legal identity and helps in availing more benefits. 



Equality is the fair treatment of people regardless of their gender, race, disability, religion, nationality, social status, sexual orientation or age. At a workplace, equality means making sure people are given equal opportunities, equal pay and are accepted for their differences. 


Social Recognition

Social recognition is a powerful tool to not only acknowledge and empower excellence but to offer gratitude. A thank you, a round of applause or a small token of love by the right person is important to validate their sense of belongingness and to feel special. 



Every individual who works hard to achieve social sustainability dreams of the day that they are set free of the societal battle to gain respect and dignity. Self-love coupled with the change in perception of the society opens-up several roads to opportunities. The end goal for every individual, however, is simple – Happiness.


The nature offers us a plethora of natural resources and our lifestyle and everyday choices represent our gratitude towards it. Our values and vision set foundation for our future, as the nature smiles at our plans and shares the love.


A journey, not a battle

An individual’s journey towards a sustainable lifestyle is cramped with hurdles and deeper learnings. Often, one may overburden themselves with the constant fear of their actions hurting the planet or their individual efforts not being enough. Being constantly exposed to hard facts (or smart marketing) takes consumers on a guilt trip that could affect their mental health. This is referred to as Eco-Anxiety. Brand Zero aims to be a happy place, where all our actions come from a place of love and NOT fear. 


Alternatives for the masses

We believe in doing our bit by being mindful and smart in our actions and PROVIDING ALTERNATIVES to people seeking eco-friendly solutions and we never advocate any choice as good or bad. We concur to the commonly used quote “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” And hence Brand Zero creates products that serve as alternatives for the masses.


Losing customers is success

Brand Zero might be the only brand that defines its success as ‘consumers lost’ as they gently move towards minimalist living. We hope our consumers slowly adapt to the school of thought that the most environment friendly purchases we make are the ones that we didn’t make. Brand Zero is here just to make this journey easy for everyone. 


Conservation Education

Environment literacy is a primary concern in the current Indian scenario. Brand Zero’s goal cannot be simply measured by the number of consumers or followers. The larger picture refers to creating an easily available, comprehendible and adaptable repository to help like-minded people shift towards a zero waste lifestyle with utmost ease.


Plastic Free

Recyclable and Compostable



Travel friendly pouches

Our packaging is made from recycled materials, designed to be reused and can eventually be recycled again. It is handcrafted by an artisan couple in Delhi, Shajiyaji and Mumtazji. Its recipe includes love, craft and gratitude.

Coconut Shell Juice Cups


The cloth used to make the pouches is sourced from a ‘Kattran’ market – a term used to refer to a market where industrial ‘waste scraps’ are sold by independent locals.


Local artisans

Mohammad Mumtaj learnt the art of stitching from his father and loves to take up new challenges. Shajiya is driven by the sheer feeling of hardwork and learning, to help her family. They hand stitch each pouch with love and precision. 


Shipping and Labeling

In our attempt to create minimal waste, we try our level best (mostly successfully) to keep the packaging to a minimal. We use gummed paper tapes instead of plastic tapes, to ensure the boxes can be recycled with ease. 

“Sustainability is beyond the climate; it represents a change in people. A vision where we all work together for each other. “

– Deepak Mann, Founder

Note for the customer

We understand that you’ve invested a lot of effort and heart in finding a product that is earthfriendly. These products journey a long way to reach you, and we request you to carry on with the lovely efforts by proper disposal of the products. You can: 

  1. elongate their lifespan by reusing or donating, 
  2. be creative and upcycle, 
  3. separate the recyclable goods, or 
  4. compost the non-recyclable goods. 

Each product ever handcrafted goes through a journey of its own and has its stories to tell. We believe, all brand zero products deserve users that love them as much as its makers.