Broad Teeth Neem Wood Comb with Copper Metal Tongue Cleaner

Do Neem Combs Really Help In the Nourishment of Your Hair?

Wood is one of the many gifts that nature has conferred upon us. Neem Wood can be carved into combs and used for grooming our tresses, in addition to being used in a variety of ways to make our lives more comfortable.

Let’s get to know more about ‘NEEM’:

The origin of the use of the legendary medicinal tree of India- ‘Neem’ is inextricably linked to human civilization for hundreds of years. The word Neem is derived from Sanskrit which means ‘bestower of good health. The Latin nomenclature of neem, Azadirachta Indica;

Azad = Free

Dirakht = Tree

Indica = Indian origin, literally means ‘The free tree of India’.

Neem tree has been a long-time friend and savior of Indians, due to its medicinal properties. Neem also serves as a natural pesticide for crops and stored grains. Neem also holds significance in Indian mythology where it is said that when amrita (elixir of immortality) was being carried to heaven and a few drops of it fell on the neem tree.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using neem products/ neem wood combs:

Advantages of Neem Wood Combs:

1. Skip the Static!

With the usage of plastic and metal combs, you might experience the creation of static electricity at times, which ends up making your hair dry, stiff, and frizzy. It also leads to unnecessary breakage of hair strands and damage due to it being charged with static. Using a neem comb aids in dodging all this hassle. Switch to this all-natural and non-toxic mode of self-care!

2. Healthy Externally, Healthy Internally!

Using the comb restores internal health by stimulation. Ancient beliefs and studies suggest that the head is a point where all the internal energy converges, it is responsible for all the healthy bodily functions. 

3. Promotes new hair growth:

Our scalp is comprised of a majority of blood vessels that facilitate blood flow and promote new hair growth. A majority of these vessels are at the back of the head in the occipital region. When you comb your hair, it stimulates the scalp due to the massaging movement and improves blood circulation. Increased and healthy blood flow, promotes nutrients supply thereby leading to a healthy scalp.

4. Relaxing vibes and bye-bye tiredness:

Try combing your hair with long sections from front to back after a nourishing head massage. It can be guaranteed that you’ll have a relaxed mood and a great night of sleep. Let go of all that stress and activate the leisure state!

5. Nurture and Nourish:

Our scalp produces some natural oils which need to be distributed evenly by combing to avoid any buildup on the scalp which can attract dust and any other particles making your hair look dull, flat, and lifeless. It can also give rise to conditions like dandruff and scalp infections. Daily use will lead to your hair looking strong, shiny, and lustrous.

6. Healthy, herbal, and handcrafted:

For women, it is advisable to comb your hair twice a day to improve hair regeneration and maintain youth, improved blood flow to the head will lead to healthy body functions like regular menstrual cycles. Massaging the scalp helps in hair growth and stimulates acupressure points. You can safely use neem combs while blow-drying since wood is a non-conductor of heat.

Neem Wood Wide tooth comb in natural brown color
Neem wood shower comb with broad teeth in natural wooden brown color

Disadvantages of Neem Wood Combs:

1) Cleaning:

Cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of a neem wood comb can be a bit tricky. It is very important to avoid any moisture being entrapped in the comb body which could otherwise lead to the buildup of moulds. 

2) Storing:

Store the comb away in a dry place and keep vary of any dirt or dust buildup. Regular cleaning after each use is recommended.

3) Pricing:

Neem comb is a product with many health benefits and as compared to plastic combs, they can be a bit expensive.

What is the rating of Neem on our Sustainability Scale?

We have considered five specific factors responsible for making a material a sustainable one and Neem stands at 4.5 out of 5!

Factors Neem
Natural / replenishable 1
Biodegradable 1
Recyclable / Reusable 1
Lifespan 0.5
Carbon footprint( Manufacturing ) 1
RATING Out of 5 4.5

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