Why buy local?

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Years ago, the only option people had for shopping was to buy from local stores. Our great grandparents ate vegetables grown in their gardens and bought clothing, tools, and other products that were handmade in their town. Plus local business owners are likely to stay in one place for long if their business thrives. It’s time to bring that practice back since it has a lot of benefits:

1. Helps the local economy:
When you buy from local stores it supports the local economy and more opportunities are created within your town. This will help the community prosper. It also promotes a sense of connectedness.

2. Helps support your community:
This process also helps support your neighbors since they might run businesses like the local automotive repair shop or sell homemade skincare and bath products. Small ventures tend to value their customers more. Your support might help their business survive. It is a huge deal to buy locally for this reason alone.

3. The experience is way more fun:
At a farmers’ market or local indoor natural market, you might see live music, eat great food that is fresh and grown locally for a steal. There are also farms, known as “pick-your-own” where you can actually choose your own food, such as strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins, etc.

4. Increased expertise:
Owners have a lot of knowledge since they have set it up from scratch and must have done a lot of research on materials and machines and the use of each product you can easily go to them for advice on which product is best suited for you. Chances are that it is environment friendly too because it’s easy to minimize the waste of a small venture and keep track of quality and materials used.

5. Let’s you buy in bulk:
This is not just in relation to buying groceries, but also to other products. There is less packaging, hence making it easier to increase the quantity of what you are buying. Plus since some products are always on the list you can carry reusable containers for them. Also, buying in bulk often saves money.

6. Vocal for local:
The aim is to increase the sales for local products so that the businesses can be self-reliant. Years down the line if the demand is enough India can develop as a manufacturing center. Right now the products are imported because the manufacturing process needs resources like clean water, energy, and infrastructural investment.
It doesn’t matter about local service business or your local food market, give shopping locally a chance. If you do, you will not only experience fresher food and kinder service, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping your neighbors and the planet.

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