Coconut Cutlery – Spoon


Coconut Cutlery – Spoon


Includes 1 Coconut Spoon

About Coconut Spoon:
Coconut Spoons are made up of natural coconuts, these are organic, and 100% plastic and chemical free. A good option for nature lovers and vegans. Giving a tropical feel these spoons are a great gifting option and also great for daily or party use.

Coconut Cutlery – Wooden Spoon
Includes 1 Coconut Spoon

Product Descriptions:
Material – Coconut
Packaging – Recycled paper

Artisan made, skillfully handcrafted coconut cutlery- wooden spoon, made of natural coconut shells each spoon has its own unique texture and a natural wooden brown colour. They are natural, handmade, eco-friendly, reusable & durable. These spoons are lightweight and can be carried around easily, being perfect for a  travel kit.

100% Biodegradable-  These Wooden Spoons can be easily decomposed, leaving no waste behind
Natural materials- Made out of readily available natural coconut shells
BPA free- It does not contain any toxic chemical substances, handcrafted with natural products.
Anti-viral/ anti-bacterial- These are naturally made forks treated to be free of any viral or bacteria.

Alternatives to Coconut Cutlery: Individual Impact


Impact of Switching:
Brand Zero brings these artisan-made coconut spoons made of natural coconut shells. These spoons are reusable and create zero waste. An easy step to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, one coconut shell spoon reduces at least 12,000 years’ worth of waste.

Care for the spoon:
Just like the beauty of nature, these wooden coconut spoons are delicate and need to be nurtured with care. Their durability and longevity are determined by the love you give them.

Key Instructions:

  • Wash your wooden forks with soapy water and no hard dishwasher.
  • If the fork starts to lose its shine, be a saviour, and polish it with a few drops of coconut oil. Or just cherish the raw and earthy form of its beauty

How to discard:
Can be composted in your home composting bin.
For the quickest decomposition time, deposit to a local commercial composter.

Our packaging is made from recycled materials, designed to be reused and can eventually be recycled again. It is handcrafted by an artisan couple in Delhi, Shajiyaji and Mumtazji. Its recipe includes love, craft and gratitude. We use 100% post-consumer paper and the cloth used to make the pouches is sourced from a ‘Kattran’ market – a term used to refer to a market where industrial ‘waste scraps’ are sold by independent locals.

Coconut Cutlery – Spoon


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