6 Fragrances of India | Set of 6 Scented Soywax Candles

Original price was: ₹1,500.00.Current price is: ₹1,250.00.

6 Fragrances of India | Set of 6 Scented Soywax Candles

Original price was: ₹1,500.00.Current price is: ₹1,250.00.

Includes Set of 6 Candles

Brand Zero’s range of ‘Fragrances of India’ candles represent the aromas across different cities and vacation destinations across India. In includes 6 places: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Himachal, Ladakh and Goa.

Includes set of 6 candles:

1. Mumbai Rains (VANILLA COFFEE)
Bombay ki Baarish. If these three words can’t entice you, then we don’t know what can! What if we tell you that you can get that romantic, monsoon vibe anytime & anywhere? Our Bombay candle has a beautiful combination of deliciously warm coffees and vanilla beans. This scented candle will give you some romantic and comforting vibes on a random moody day and will act as a perfect companion to you, your bae, and your Maggi.

Cozy winters call for cozy warm clothes and refreshing evening strolls. What’s better to lighten up your house and create a perfect balance between warmth and comfort in such chilly weather than our jasmine-eucalyptus scented candles? Jasmine has calm, uplifting notes to brighten up your mood and make you feel energetic while Eucalyptus helps in clearing up your sinuses and acts as a relaxing fragrance for a healthy and warm night’s rest.

3. Bangalore (VETIVER OUDH)
‘Bangalore ka mausam’ is a feeling that has led to millions of youthful souls migrating to this very special tech city. The people’s energy and the perfect weather combine to formulate the Bangalore Vibes! With notes of vetiver and oudh, our Bangalore Vibes candles replicate the positive and energetic vibes of this unique city. Vetiver helps reduce stress and mild body aches with its properties of aromatherapy. While oudh adds positive energy that rejuvenates you. Light it up, and startup your journey to a youthful evening!

4. Goa Sunsets (SEA BREEZE)
Go Goa Not Gone? Don’t worry, we got you. Ditch your mood swings away and jump right into the beaches of Goa with this tropical candle. With fresh aquatic notes of the seas with a classic combination of floral and ozonic notes, we can a-shore you that this one is our perfect ‘Vacay’ candle. This can also be a perfect gift for anyone, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Goa?

5. Himachal Valleys (OUDH PINE)
Why be sad about not being able to go to the mountains when you can bring them mountains home? Our Himachali candles have an exhilarating blend of Oudh & woody notes to give a unique, soothing, and woody vibe that can make you feel all the right relaxing Himachali vibes. Light up this candle on a weekend to get a fresh getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Inspired by the tranquility of Himachal– a fine fragrance candle that evokes a sense of serenity and leaves a reminiscence of the mountains & valleys.

Serene, prestine, untouched landscapes of Ladakh. With endless roads that open up your senses to unique amalgamations of nature’s fresh fragrances. Ladakh landscapes candle combines the meditative combination of lime, basil and mandarin fragrances. The citrusy notes of lime and mandarin add freshness to the divine notes of basil. So light it up, and transform into an experience of ‘finding yourself’ in a deep meditative state.



Our eco-friendly and vegan candles make excellent gifts for a variety of occasions. Our candles are all handcrafted in India with natural components such as soy wax and organic essential oils.

100% Soy Wax: Candles manufactured of soy are shown to emit fewer hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere than candles made of paraffin or other materials. You don’t want to celebrate the happiest moments of your life in the presence of hazardous chemicals, do you?
Vegan: One of the primary reasons to pick vegan candles over traditional ones is that they are less harmful to the environment.
Artisan Support: Our candles are handmade by our hardworking artisans.
Sustainable / Eco-friendly: These candles are 100% eco-friendly so why go for any other candles?
No Toxins: The candles are chemical-free and treated to be free of any virus or bacteria.
Plastic-Free Packaging: These articles are made free of plastic or any other harmful substance.


Why choose soy wax candles?

  • Organic & Natural: Soy wax candles are made from soybeans, while paraffin wax candles are made from petroleum.
  • Less Soot: Fewer toxins are released into the air by soy wax candles.
  • Stronger & Long-Lasting Fragrance: Soy wax candles have a stronger scent profile than paraffin wax candles.
  • Supports Local Businesses and Farmers: Soy wax candles are made from soybeans crops and our candles are hand-poured by artisans so your purchases can indirectly support farmers and small businesses.


  1. Let the wax melt all the way across.
  2. Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
  3. Keep the flame away from moving air.
  4. Dip your wicks after usage. Skip blowing out the flame to avoid the smoke and burnt candle debris.
  5. Always keep the lid on when not in use.


After the candle melts, pour the old hot wax into something that is already going to be tossed in the garbage. Do NOT pour melted wax down the drain as the wax dries up quickly and it will end up clogging your pipes. After that, clean the jar out and recycle or reuse it.


The glass jars that candles come in are recyclable. Simply remove the wick and any remaining wax. Scoop out the excess wax with a spoon, or try melting or freezing it for easier removal. And use that jar to make more handmade candles or for storage purposes! 🙂


  • Store in a dry, cool place. 
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
6 Fragrances of India | Set of 6 Scented Soywax Candles

Original price was: ₹1,500.00.Current price is: ₹1,250.00.

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